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Was well bored felt like drawing
I’m into trippy fashion illustration at the moment
its a bit rushed because me free trail of illustrator ran out.

if any acid fiends look at my blog please take some and look at the art i hope you enjoy.

just the logo on its own.



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This is a Uni brief

the brief was to make a logo to reperesent english wizards.


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just a little bit of fun felt like trying some new techniques i’m picking up

face is good, hair needs work for sure.



Fair Oak Art exhibition

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Okay so on my way home from town i saw a sign for art exhibition.

so i thought it would be a good idea to go check out some of the “artists” in my area. After walking around for about 10 minutes looking at very typical paintings of dogs under blankets and cats on pianos, A woman was painting a picture of a snow leopard so i wondered over to have a look, The skill in her work was incredible and the proportions were 100% perfect.

After getting chatting to her and telling her the sort of style i try to achieve she told me that anything that isnt hand drawn is not really art. however she invited me back to show off my art at a work shop, probably so she can slate it because its not painted it.

But in all honesty any excuse to show my work to some people could be interesting, so at this point i am setting myself my own personally brief, I am going to do a massive a2 or a1 illustration.
The piece is going to be called friends and it will include the faces of the people i consider to be friends with, I am going to do this digitally based but i’m also going to work into it with biro just so i’ve put a little bit of “real talent” in there.

this piece will be uploaded probably within the next 3 weeks as that is when the next work shop is.
i really am just trying to prove a point at that art is what you make it. if you see a design on a Nike t shirt is that not art because its not done by hand.

inspiration for this is very colorful illustrators and realistic illustrators that use mainly digital based work.

Paul Reilly

Max Gregor

Echo chernik

Si scott

Me and the people that matter.

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My Life

This is a illustration of me and the people in my life.

Inspirational artists 23/10/09

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Some of the work that i am heavily intrested in is very digitaly orientated illustration

here is a list of a couple of artists i am currently looking at for inspiration into creating new designs.

Paul reilly

Echo chernik
Art nouveau illustration, very unique deffinatly worth a look.

these are just 2 contemporary artists that i really recommend having a look at.

A little bit about me

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I am a graphic design student at Bournemouth Arts university college, I try to make designs that are interesting and quite intense to look at and sometime portray a quirky message. I am heavily influenced by contemporary illustrators and Type artists.

I will be posting all work i think is worth sharing whether it is uni projects or self initiated work, feel a free to leave me a comment, let me know what you think, whether you love it or you really hate it.

i want to know!